5 major takeaways from Baltimore Ravens week two preseason game

-A star is in the making

-Two starting jobs were won

-Two roles on the depth chart were settled

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The Baltimore Ravens are now two preseason games down as we are closing in on the regular season. While most of the starters did not see the field, the preseason is all about the depth options and the players who are fighting for a roster spot.

What are the biggest takeaways to look at after the second preseason game?

5. Zay Flowers was the best player on the field when the Baltimore Ravens played him

The Ravens sat most of their starters, besides rookie first-round pick Zay Flowers. That is fair considering his rookie status, but it was clear within about five players who the best player on the field was, and that Flowers.

Flowers caught two passes for 37 yards and a touchdown. He had a 26-yard reception on the touchdown pass, and most of it was working after the catch.

What is impressive for Flowers is that while he was one of the only starters on the field for the Ravens, the Commanders had plenty of starters on the field. He caught a quick pass against Emmanuel Forbers, a first-round pick who went ahead of him in the seam draft. So, it is not like this was a group of backups he was playing well against.

There is no debate about whether Flowers would make the roster or where he stood on the depth chart, but this takeaway is more about what we can expect from Flowers. He should be able to hit the ground running. The game is clearly not too big for him, and he has checked every box you need to see so far.