Mark Andrews on Lamar Jackson: "He's one of one"

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews recently joined The Lounge becoming the latest guest to join the show on Nov. 2, and the superstar tight end only had kind words for the quarterback he's always excelled playing for.

Speaking about Lamar Jackson, Andrews hailed him as a "one of one" type of player, emphasizing Jackson's unique skill set for the position and how that alone puts the veteran dual-thread QB a level above his peers.

Andrews expressed admiration for the QB, saying, "He’s just so special in everything he does. He’s the epitome of what we’re all trying to be and what a Raven is." Call me crazy, but if I was Lamar I would be very pleased hearing those words coming out of the mouth of any of my teammates.

Andrews and Jackson joined Baltimore at the same time as both were drafted as part of the 2018 class by the Ravens. Jackson was the last first-round pick (32nd overall) back then, and Andrews was selected with the 86th overall pick in the third round.

Even though fewer than 55 draft picks separated them in 2018, Andrewas made clear that Jackson is "one of one," adding "There’s no one like him."

Even with the addition of a super-talented veteran wideout (and former Super Bowl champion) in Odell Beckham Jr., and after drafting rookie phenom Zay Flowers in the 2023 offseason, the Ravens and Lamar have kept trusting Andrews more than anyone else on offense.

Numbers don't lie, and they tell the story of Andrews' 2023 season as one in which the tight end is leading the NFL in touchdowns scored by players at the position while having the second-most receiving yards among Ravens pass catchers and three times as many touchdowns as the second-best player rostered by Baltimore.

In the Ravens' most recent game, played against the Arizona Cardinals on the road, Andrews showcased his skills with four receptions and 40 receiving yards, tying for the team lead in both categories. His three non-touchdown catches resulted in timely first-down pickups, and the other grab went for a league-leading sixth score.

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If Andrews can score another touchdown this weekend against the Seahawks, he will tie Todd Heap's 41 career touchdowns in the all-time Ravens list of tight ends. It might happen, or it might not, but one thing is clear and that's the fact that Andrews will eventually retire (and simply, finish this season) atop the most prolific tight ends to ever wear Ravens threads.