Marlon Humphrey warns Patrick Queen of consequences of leaving Ravens

Be careful what you wish for.
Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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Linebacker Patrick Queen, who signed the biggest external free agent contract in Pittsburgh Steelers history, has quickly become a reviled figure in Baltimore Ravens fandom, as leaving to join the team's most hated rival was viewed as a bridge too far.

Not only did Queen leave for Pittsburgh, but he spent his first few days as a Steeler trying to take shots at his old fanbase and the city of Baltimore. Former Ravens teammate Marlon Humphrey has been left by many of his old defensive teammates, but he hasn't seen the same level of rancor toward their old digs.

I don’t even understand why he had to go in on Baltimore like that,”Humphrey said via his Punch Line podcast.“‘The city’s better, the food’s better, the color’s better.’ I don’t know what PQ has got going on." Humphrey also warned against leaving Baltimore, saying that he has seen multiple players come to regret their choice.

“I’m not hating on Pittsburgh or hating on PQ. But I’ve been with the Ravens for awhile. I’ve seen this same story go down with a lot of guys...reality sets in eventually. I hope it’s great over there. But you know sometimes, I’m just saying, I’ve seen it once or twice.” Will Queen be the next player to regret his choice?

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey warns Patrick Queen about leaving Baltimore

Among the barbs Queen has fired at his old fanbase and city include mocking fans who believed he took less money to sign with the Steelers and ripping Baltimore's cuisine. The money and football are their own things, but saying that Maryland doesn't have good food is simply not true.

The Ravens seem to be banking on the idea that second-year player Trenton Simpson can replace Queen despite the latter making an All-Pro team last season. If Baltimore is proven correct, and Queen reverts to the inconsistent player he was before the addition of Roquan Smith, that contract could age poorly.

If Queen wants revenge, he will get at least two shots at it this season. Not only have the Steelers managed to imprive at quarterback by adding Russell Wilson, but Queen filled one of the weak spots in what is regarded as one of the better defenses in the AFC.

While Queen's overall performance will put him in a very exclusive tier among Ravens linebackers, both his former fans and ex-teammates are confused as to why he has been so aggressive with his anti-Baltimore rhetoric.