10 matchup questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 6 vs Tennessee Titans

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The Baltimore Ravens need to get things back on track when they take on the Tennessee Titans in London. Sitting at 3-2, things could go one of two ways quickly. So, what do fans need to look for when the Ravens take on the Titans overseas?

10. Will the rest advantage help the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans are handling their travel schedules differently. The Ravens were embarrassed during their last trip overseas, and John Harbaugh seems to associate that with going over to London too late in the week. So, this year, the Ravens went straight from their game against the Steelers to England.

They were able to get more time to adjust to the time difference, and they can head into this game more rested. On the flip side, the Titans plan to go out later in the week and play through the time change.

We saw last week when the Jacksonville Jaguars played the Buffalo Bills that the Jags had the advantage because they were in London for two straight weeks, while the Bills went over late. The Bills looked tired and could not compete. Will we see the same? Will the Ravens start a trend of teams flying out straight after the game?