10 matchup questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 6 vs Tennessee Titans

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers, Levi Wallace, Justice Hill
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8. Will the Baltimore Ravens running backs hang onto the football?

As we noted, the Baltimore Ravens could have one of their best rushing performances of the season agains a team that looks good on paper if Teair Tart misses. Still, it will not mean anything if the running backs cannot hold onto the football.

It is obviously just a coincidence, but it also was a factor in both losses that a running back fumbled early into the game to change momentum. First, Kenyan Drake fumbled and turned the ball over when the Ravens led 7-0 and were going to make it a two-score game.

The Baltimore Ravens led 10-0 against the Pittsburgh Steelers when Justice Hill fumbled and turned the ball over. Both times, the offenses stalled after that series of events. Is this a common occurrence for this team? Will they be undefeated when their running backs hang onto the ball in early spots when the team has momentum?

Beyond that, can the Ravens rely on Hill and Drake a little less? Will we see Keaton Mitchell return to the lineup this week, or will the team hold him back until they get back to the States and back to a more familiar surface?