10 matchup questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 6 vs Tennessee Titans

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7. How much more will the Baltimore Ravens play Marlon Humphrey

When the Baltimore Ravens brought back Marlon Humphrey, they decided it would be in a 55/45 split with Ronald Darby. The Ravens had been splitting snaps with Darby and Rock Ya-Sin, with Ya-Sin on the lower half. Then, Brandon Stephens has played 100% of the snaps opposite of that platoon.

So, Darby went from playing the high side of a platoon to the low side, and Rock Ya-Sin moved to the bench. Still, at some point, the Baltimore Ravens are going to get Marlon Humphrey back to playing 100% of the snaps.

When that happens, does it push Darby to the bench? Does Stephens end up in a platoon, or does he keep his spot? Is this the week that Humphrey gets back to 100%, does he remain in a similar split, or does the split slowly grow this week with thoughts that it will get even bigger when the team returns?

Also, will Humphrey follow DeAndre Hopkins? The Ravens have currently been playing sides, and if Humphrey remains in a split-time share, they should probably just stick to playing sides.