10 matchup questions Baltimore Ravens must answer week 6 vs Tennessee Titans

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Isaiah Likely
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4. Will the Baltimore Ravens get Isaiah Likely more involved?

Isaiah Likely has been a complete non-factor in year two. He went from 2.3 catches per game and 23.3 yards per game to 0.6 catches per game and 6.4 yards per game. We knew that his role would drop with the added pass catchers, but the pass catchers have been banged up and not impacting the game, either. Is it time to see more Isaiah Likely?

Likely played 72% of the snaps in week one because Mark Andrews was out. However, he had almost no impact on the game. Then, he played 33% of the snaps in week two as Andrews came back. Even with the wide receivers banged up he played 26% of the snaps in weeks three and four. Then, with Beckham and Bateman back, Likely played just 11% of the snaps.

Should the Baltimore Ravens try to get him involved more? Would he be a better option than the wide receiver letting them down? Does showing a new look with another tight end on the field at least mix things up for an offense that needs it.