3 matchups Baltimore Ravens must win to beat the Cleveland Browns

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens, Roquan Smith
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1. The Baltimore Ravens defensive quarterback can beat the Cleveland Browns quarterback

If the Baltimore Ravens have one big matchup advantage over the Cleveland Browns, it is the quarterback of each unit. We are not even talking about Lamar Jackson, because he does not play Deshaun Watson.

However, when Watson is quarterbacking the Browns offense, it will be Roquan Smith quarterbacking the Ravens defense. This is a one-on-one matchup that the Ravens think that they can win.

The Browns traded a lot for Deshaun Watson, they extended him, and now many wonder if they regret it. The Ravens traded for Roquan Smith and extended him, and he has changed the way the Ravens play defense. He is elite, and his impact has made Patrick Queen a lot better as a blitzer, run defender, and player in coverage. He is no longer thinking, as Smith does that, and he just plays.

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As noted, Smith does the thinking. If Watson has any issues, he is trying to do too much and not seeing the whole picture. If this is an issue this week, Roquan Smith will take advantage. If Smith, Hamilton, and Clowney play at their best, they can expose weak spots on the Browns offense and win this game despite being weak due to injuries.

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