3 moments that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Cleveland Browns into a loss

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Kyle Hamilton, Roquan Smith
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2. The Baltimore Ravens allowed a two-conversion 

This is less about the one-play and more about the one-drive, or really two drives that cost the Baltimore Ravens. As we noted, the score was 17-9 due to the missed field goal by Justin Tucker. Still, the Ravens controlled the game after Odell Beckham scored a 40-yard touchdown to make the score 24-9. The route was back on.

The best defense in the NFL surrendered a 17-play, 75-yard drive after that. That drive featured three third-down conversions and one-fourth-down conversions. 

Then, they gave up the two-point conversion. Had the Ravens stopped them there, they would have led 24-15, which is still a two-score game. Instead, at 24-17, the Browns were right back in it.

Even worse was seeing a six-play 75-yard drive allowed by the defense up 31-17 to follow that up. 

The defense had a chance to prove that they were the best in the NFL. They allowed two drives to go for 23 plays and 150 yards to put up 14 points. That is not going to win games.