3 moments that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Cleveland Browns into a loss

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. The Baltimore Ravens threw a costly pick-six

This is the obvious game-changing moment. It is common for some defenses to get conservative later into games with a two-score lead. The Ravens defense was watching the clock burn while they gave up all of those plays.

However, the offense had to continue moving the ball or at least protect it. What cost the team was a Lamar Jackson pick-six. Ogo Okoronkwo came in with pressure and hit the ball in the air. Greg Newsome, who was not having a good day prior to that, took the ball and returned it all the way to the end zone. 

Just like that, a 31-24 lead was 31-30. Still, the Browns almost bailed the Ravens out. A missed extra point gave the Ravens a lead. The team took three minutes off of the clock and punted. They failed to put the game away.

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The Colts and Steelers losses felt like a play here and there. This felt like too much of the same and too many consistent plays here and there. This loss is more concerning.