Morgan Moses: "Obviously, it looks good on paper"

Baltimore Ravens, Morgan Moses
Baltimore Ravens, Morgan Moses / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

On Tuesday, July 25, the Baltimore Ravens kicked off their pre-season by welcoming veteran players to their facilities in Owing Mills, Maryland.

The official start of the training camp is scheduled for Wednesday when the team has staged the first practices for all members of the organization, freshmen and returning folks.

Notably, several Ravens players, including TE Mark Andrews, ILB Roquan Smith, and OT Morgan Moses, stepped up to the microphones and engaged with the media on Tuesday

In an enthusiastic and encouraging bunch of speeches, the trio of Ravens standouts fielded various questions from different media members and delivered insights ahead of the upcoming training camp and the following season.

As captured by Jamison Hensley of ESPN, Morgan Moses praised rookie wideout and first-round pick Zay Flowers on Tuesday. ""What an unbelievable rookie he is," Moses said of the former Boston College superstar.

"If you've ever had a chance to sit down and talk to him, he has a mindset that he's been in the league already for three years, and obviously, he's a sponge. He's willing to ask questions; he's willing to soak it up and learn," Morgan reportedly said, according to a transcription posted by Cliff Brown of

"A lot of our rookies are like that … [When] you have a group of rookies come in and [are] willing to do that, the sky is the limit for those guys," Morgan finished when answering that particular question about the freshman.

Moses discussed the Ravens' new offense at large, saying that the expectations are "very high" for the franchise entering 2023, but that he's "really excited" about what is ahead.

"It’s really exciting," Moses said. “Obviously, the opportunity to get back to playing football is obviously a great one but just the changes that we’ve made as an organization and as a team... it’s hard not to get excited."

Moses, who will enjoy the pleasure of playing in a stacked offense, said that he cannot wait for that to happen come September. "Get to play with Odell, obviously Lamar, Zay Flowers... Seeing those guys' connection throughout the offseason and just being focused."

As quoted by, Moses also said that the offensive line is "adapting to the new scheme," and that with "Lamar obviously being more hands-on with the play-calling and all the players we have surrounding him," the whole offensive package "just gives us a great deal of talent."

"Obviously, it looks good on paper. But we have to put it together, and I look forward to doing that,” Moses finished.

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