5 NFL Draft Prospects ESPN is linking to Baltimore Ravens

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Deonte Banks, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Will Deonte Banks get drafted by the Baltimore Ravens

The fourth most likely player to be drafted by the Baltimore Ravens is Deonte Banks. Just like Quentin Johnston, ESPN has him about 75% likely to be on the board for the 22nd pick. If that is the case you could see them leaning to Banks over Johnston.

One reason is that the Ravens added Beckham, but they still have serious holes at cornerback. They are moving Kyle Hamilton out of the slot, and they are losing Marcus Peters. They have not done nearly enough to figure that position out.

Beyond that, they have had just a bit more luck drafting cornerbacks in the first round compared to wide receivers. Finally, it is a better cornerback class, so the odds are that they may find a falling cornerback compared to potentially reaching for wide receiver.

Banks will not fix the hole in the slot, but he would immeditaley become the man on the outside. He has everything you want from a height/weight/speed/length perspective. He can improve in some areas, especially tracking the ball in the air down the field. Still, that is why the prototype build of a corner may fall down to 22. If he does fall, the odds of him being the Ravens pick shoot up, and they are already one of the highest.