5 NFL Draft Prospects ESPN is linking to Baltimore Ravens

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Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Are Baltimore Ravens more likely to draft Zay Flowers?

ESPN seems to be higher on Zay Flowers than most. They think that of the top wide recivers, he may be the first one gone. However, they also believe that he is a lock to get selected here if he falls. There are reasons to buy into that. He is another player who can win in all areas of the field.

While he is shorter, the Ravens swung on Hollywood Brown once, so they are not completely turned off by the notion. Still, while ESPN sees the fit, we are not as sure. The one thing is that while he is an all areas player, he did not have as much slot experience as Jordan Addison. Addison is a bit thinner, but he is also younger, more versatile, and a bit taller as well.

The debate between the two is fair and will be fleshed out. It is interesting to see that three of the top five picks are wide receivers, showing it still may just be up to them to pick their flavor and see who drops to them.