3 2023 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Baltimore Ravens fans should get to know

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The Baltimore Ravens did not talk about Lamar Jackson during their pre-draft press conference, but of course, questions did come out that has fans wondering about the future without Jackson. One of the key quotes came from the Ravens brass saying they were comfortable drafting a quarterback this year.

It is one thing for them to say they have the top four quarterbacks graded high. Those guys will be gone by 22 and they could say they missed them and moved on. However, the Ravens talked about how deep the quarterback class is, and how they like that there are more than the top four guys to choose from.

With that in mind, here are three guys outside of the top four that may end up with the Baltimore Ravens.

3. Is Dorian Thompson-Robinson a great fit for the Baltimore Ravens

If the Baltimore Ravens wanted to take a smaller hedge on the Lamar Jackson contract discussions, the best name to add is Dorian Thompson-Robinson. DTR has a lot of things going for him that help his case to be drafted by Baltimore.

First, he can run an offense similar to Lamar Jackson. He struggles deep to the sidelines like Jackson, but they both can be accurate in the quick passing game. Thompson-Robinson is not quite as mobile but does have that shifty ability with his legs.

Beyond that, he has a lot of experience over five years with the UCLA Bruins. If Jackson does stay, he can come in and immediately compete with Tyler Huntley. He could push Huntley off of the roster, or at leats make him expendable.

Of course, if they lose Jackson, they could go with Huntley vs DTR to start. If the Ravens trade up four for Antony Richardson, Jackson will not be here. if they draft DTR, Jackson could still be here, or could get traded two minutes later. That is what makes him interesting.