3 2023 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Baltimore Ravens fans should get to know

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Aidan O'Connell, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Could Baltimore Ravens pivot to Aidan O'Connell?

Aidan O'Connell is interesting, and could be the signs of a pivot to a new offense. O'Connell is projected to be a fifth round pick, but if anyone from those middle rounds turns into an NFL starter, it may be him. He was excellent over the past two seasons, and pushed the Purdue passing game.

In that passing game he showed an understanding of NFL concepts and an ability to win from the pocket. Now, he is someone more polar opposite to Jackson because his knocks are that he does not have mobility, and struggles when the play breaks down.

Still, the Ravens could elect to have O'Connell as a backup plan and then use his cheap salary to build a more traditional offense around him. If Jackson comes back, they only invested a fifth round pick in O'Connell, and he may end up inactive on game days. Aidan O'Connell may not have a sky-high ceiling, but he can move the ball and is a capable NFL player. The Ravens could see him as someone worth drafting outside of that top four.