NFL Insider: Ravens trying to add a running back. Is it Derrick Henry?

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Get ready for a crazy couple of days heading into Halloween's NFL trade deadline, folks, because it turns out the rumors about the Baltimore Ravens targets are very real.

In a column published on Saturday, Oct. 28th, including insider information shared by sources, Diana Russini of The Athletic confirmed that Baltimore is "looking to add a running back" ahead of Tuesday's deadline.

Russini confirmed in the column that Arizona was going to deactivate quarterback Kyler Murray ahead of Sunday, which ultimately ended up happening later on the day.

In other words: Russini knows what she's talking about and the sources feeding her information are very trustworthy.

Although Russini ratified the interest of the Ravens in adding a rusher, she also shared an upsetting nugget in his latest insider column with notes and rumors from across the league.

"DeAndre Hopkins and Derrick Henry look to be staying in Tennessee. Teams have called GM Ran Carthon on a number of players, and I was told Carthon is not moving on any offer unless it’s exceptional. (A source with the Cowboys also shared they never called about acquiring Henry.)"

Diana Russini, The Athletic

Russini's sources told her that DeAndre Hopkins and Derrick Henry, both members of the Tennessee Titans, "look to be staying" in their current franchise. That's a bummer as Baltimore is seemingly in the sweepstakes to trade for King Henry to bolster their backfield.

That said, Russini also revealed that Titans' GM Ran Carthon would be open to moving his players if the offer he receives is "exceptional."

Henry, mind you, is playing under the final year of the last deal he signed with Tennessee. That means that the Titans don't really have that much leverage in trade negotiations as Henry is an expiring and they might prefer to trade him away for something instead of losing the running back for nothing next spring.

16 players the Ravens will try to get before the NFL trade deadline. 16 players the Ravens will try to get before the NFL trade deadline. dark. Next

Henry should fit the Ravens like a glove, so here's to hoping Baltimore finds a way to convince Tennessee of accepting a deal for the running back. He's a veteran, a leader, and he would add an enterily new and awesome dimension to an already-unstoppable offense.

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