Does Odell Beckham signing mean Baltimore Ravens will not draft round one WR?

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The Baltimore Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr. a move that was essential at this point in time. While the Ravens do not know for sure who their quarterback will be, they had to find a way to give him support. After signing Nelson Agholor, they added Beckham.

Do the Baltimore Ravens still need Wide Receiver?

With these additions, Beckham and Rashod Bateman will be the top wideouts, and then Devin Duvernay and Nelson Agholor will mostly be the reserves. They have some depth names, but whether it is the first round or later, the Baltimore Ravens will probably add a name to compete for that fifth spot.

Still, if they do feel good about the top four, do they go wide receiver early? Most mock drafts suggested this was the Ravens' lean, but two free-agent signings, one being a big one, may change that.

On one hand, even despite that signing the team still needs wide receivers. Beckham is coming off of an ACL injury, and Bateman had foot surgery last season. Duvernay may be best if he was the number five, and Agholor really would be better as the number four, especially because can play all three spots on the depth chart.

So, they still probably need a top three skill set to add to the room. That does not leave wide receiver out of the round one conversation. However, what it does do is open the Baltimore Ravens to trading back.

We know the Ravens want to trade back, and we are learning that this wide receiver class is not valued him. If they can take the top guy on their board, they may stick around, but if they see a few second-round grades, they may be easily persuaded to trade back.

Beyond that, they could also be more willing to wait until the third round. As they stood before Beckham they probably needed one of the top guys. Now, you can see someone like Marvin Mims, or Jayden Reed coming in as a third-round player and being a fit.

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It will be interesting to see how the Baltimore Ravens handle this. The reality is that they probably did not want to take a receiver that high, but knew that is was too big of a need the way their roster was constructed. It does not take receiver off of the board, but it does create more scenarios where they pass on one.