Odell Beckham's odd cap choice didn't sit well with Baltimore fans

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Baltimore Ravens veteran wide receiver and $15-million man Odell Beckham returned to practice this week ahead of the matchup against the Steelers on Sunday.

Odell Beckham, also, spoke to some reporters following the final practice of the Flock on Friday. Beckham said a lot of interesting things.

Those included touching on his availability for the game against Pittsburgh (he expects to play), how the franchise has just been taking a precautionary approach to his comeback, and also how he personally opted to take that slow approach to his return to the field.

But one thing caught everybody's attention and caused a bigger impact and reaction than any of those comments, as tiny and meaningless as it was for 99 percent of the folks looking at the pass catcher in the picture below: his hat.

As you can see in Jonas Shaffer's tweet above, Beckham chose to don a New York Yankees cap when discussing some stuff after Friday's practice.

Just for context, the Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles play in the same division in the MLB, namely the American League East.

The Orioles, in 2023, have amassed a ridiculously great 101-61 record on their way to reaching the postseason... while the Yankees are coming off one of their worst seasons in the last few decades posting an 82-80 record.

New York had not lost 80+ games since 1992, and this year is the first one in the last seven seasons they didn't reach the postseason.

The lowly Orioles, on the other hand, have made the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and for the fourth time after 1997 after putting on a strong rebuilding effort lately.

With the rivalry between the Yankees and Orioles very present and OBJ now playing in Baltimore, most Ravens fans and Baltimore locals took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to absolutely bash Beckham for his decision to use that cap, which made little to no sense to most folks out there.

The Ravens signed Beckham this offseason to lead the pass-catching unit but considering his struggles to remain on the field, along with his low production and his off-field decisions, some fans seem to be getting a bit irritated about OBJ. Calm down!

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Here's hoping he can put on some solid production and for those mad fans to calm down a bit. That's just a fashion accessory with a couple of interlaced letters stitched on it that made for a cool look. Chill!

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