Odell Beckham sounds off on injury concerns and doubters

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The Baltimore Ravens will feature what looks like the strongest receiving corps they have rostered in the Lamar Jackson era next season.

To the return of the superstar quarterback following the signing of the richest contract in NFL history, the Ravens added veteran wide receiver Nelson Agholor and rookie Zay Flowers to their roster to go with returning top-tier tight end Mark Andrews.

Oh, sorry, I missed another new member of the Flock Nation: former Super Bowl champion Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham's deal with Baltimore, a fully-guaranteed one-year deal worth $15 million, raised questions and brought all of the heat to the Ravens HQ back when the deal was announced.

At the end of the day, Beckham hasn't stepped onto a football field since he suffered an injury in mid-February of 2022, nearly a year and a half to the day when he'll be dressing in Baltimore's uniform to kick the 2023 season off.

Jamison Hensley of ESPN, in a story published on July 22, quoted Beckham silencing all naysayers, haters, and doubters when it comes to his health and the injury woes and concerns he's brought along with him to the Ravens organization.

"The doubts are for whoever has them to have them, but it's not what enters my mind and my body. I know what I can do."

Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens

Beckham said that "doubts are for whoever has them," and he followed that up by saying that doubts are "not what enter my mind and my body." The veteran wideout stoutly proclaimed "I know what I can do."

The receiver, who won the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams back in 2022, is not the first player returning from an ACL injury nor will he be the last one doing it. There are multiple similar cases already in the history of the NFL, and not all of them are a reason for concern--actually, they're the total opposite.

Tom Brady returned from a torn ACL injury suffered in 2008, and look at what he did in the following decade. J.J. Watt suffered a meniscus tear and came back. Rob Gronkowski torn both his ACL and MCL in 2014. Adrian Peterson suffered the same fate in 2011. You can go and check the accolades all of those guys racked up after rehab.

Now into a secondary role in a loaded offense such as the Ravens' one, Beckham won't be put in such demand as he's been in years past and through his 20s.

Beckham will be "just" one more weapon in Lamar Jackson's arsenal, and that's something that should also keep him healthy and available to play for the full regular-season slate and deep into the playoffs.

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