Odell Beckham talks about struggles, pressure: "There's no time for excuses"

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The Ravens are spending the week in London ahead of their Week 6 international matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

After holding their second practice on Thursday, the franchise sent Odell Beckham Jr. to the table to address the media, and it's fair to say that OBJ's words were heavy as hell.

Beckham discussed a bunch of topics related to this season, including touching on the lack of production for the first month of play, his rushed return to the field, and how he's dealt (and still is dealing) with some struggles and coping with the pressure of being one of the most recognizable NFL players.

Here is what Beckham said on Thursday after logging a full practice.

Lack of early production in Baltimore

Beckham has appeared in just one full game this season. He also played in Week 2 but he left the field early and never returned. He missed the following two matchups and only came back in Week 5 last Sunday.

In the three games he's played, OBJ has caught a meager seven passes for 79 yards and no touchdowns.

Beckham said he felt he was doing "such a great job early on," and he acknowledged that he "hadn't been thrown many tests leading into training camp."

After his subpar start to the season, he conceded "I feel like I semi-failed the test God gave me."

Following that statement, Beckham made clear "There's no time for excuses or putting blame here or there. I'm a man. I take my wins and my losses." He finished by saying I've just got to come out and be better, plain and simple, and do whatever I can to help this team win."

Trying to return sooner than he should

After returning to the field last Sunday against the Steelers in Baltimore's second loss of the season, Beckham revealed that he might have pushed and rushed his comeback a bit, which could be affecting his performance.

"I worked my ass off for a long time since that Super Bowl... just to have a small, small setback that you never saw coming, it's just unfortunate," OBJ said probably referring to the injury he suffered in Week 2 that kept him on the shelves for half a month until his return in Week 5.

"It never feels good when you're not at your very, very best," Beckham said before stating "I feel much better this week."

Dealing with mental struggles and pressure

OBJ has stayed positive since he suffered his 18-month-long injury when still with the LA Rams. He said that improving "starts with my energy day to day," adding "There's a lot of things that I feel like I can do better."

The veteran seems to be well aware of the position he's at--returning from a career-threatening injury while already aged 30--so he acknowledged "I have to accept that challenge, embrace it, and be exactly who I know I am."

Beckham kept going, saying "There's something about pressure and the biggest stage that drives me even more."

He finished his presser asking himself "How can I be the person that I know I'm capable of being? I would absolutely love that to start this Sunday."

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We hope he does so, in London of all places!

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