Odell Beckham: "This is the best team I've been on"

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
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Odell Beckham Jr. surely wasn't one of the best players out there on the field last Sunday in Baltimore's win over the Miami Dolphins, but the veteran Ravens playmaker still made a play that was instantly put in all highlight reels and popped up on all social feeds when he grabbed a long throw by Lamar Jackson to the right sideline.

When all was said and done, Beckham had only one reception to his name--that 33-yard flashy grab--but that was all he need to make an impact on the field and off of it as the Ravens cooked the Dophins on a 56-19 victory.

Talking to media members after the game, Beckham made a statement that caught some by surprise, saying "This is the best team I've been on in the NFL."

Beckham joined the Ravens on a one-year contract worth up to $18 million last offseason and had a solid explanation to back up his feelings about his new franchise, one with which he has not won the Super Bowl (yet) contrary to what he did while a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

"It’s everything. It’s the way the organization is run. It’s the players... This is the best team I’ve been on in the NFL."

Odell Beckham Jr., Baltimore Ravens WR

Again, it's rather fascinating to hear a Super Bowl champion name a team that is not the one that helped him get the ring as the best he's ever played for. Perhaps, now that he's won the elusive championship, OBJ is more enthused by the fact of being part of something bigger and feeling at home more than simply playing for dubs and gold.

While Beckham filled his bag when he signed his deal with the Ravens, it's also believed that he did so mostly because Eric DeCosta and the rest of the Ravens staff and players (Lamar Jackson among those) simply made him known that he would be welcomed with no real expectations or unreasonable demands following his absence from the field for more than a year rehabbing an ACL injury.

Beckham's tenure with the Ravens has coincided with a period of strong team performance, marked by strategic play and cohesive teamwork. His assessment of the Ravens being the "best team" he's been part of is not just a personal observation but also a reflection of the team's current standing and potential in the NFL landscape.

OBJ also had nice words for his quarterback on Sunday, saying "He’s just a baller."

Added Beckham: "He’s a gamer. He knows how to turn it on when we need him, and I think everybody looks for him to be that. It’s just, some people are born with it, and he’s one of those guys who was born with it."

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The Ravens still have one game to play this regular season against the Steelers next Saturday, although there is a chance they rest some players, including veteran OBJ, with the No. 1 seed in the AFC already clinched and no need to risk any injury.

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