3 offseason additions propelling Baltimore Ravens into a playoff run 

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2. Zay Flowers is not hitting a rookie wall for the Baltimore Ravens 

Zay Flowers has been up and won in terms of his overall production, but he has shown himself to be a trusted piece in this offense. Sunday was arguably the best game of his career with nine catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. Flowers got most of his production from the screen game early in his career, but recently, he has been running more routes down the field, and on Sunday, it paid off. 

Flowers has three receiving touchdowns and four touchdowns overall. All of them have come in the last four games. So, while he will have a catch for the seven-yard game against the Jaguars, he has also shown he can bounce right back and that he will not back down when the playoffs come. Sunday was his biggest test against the best defense, and he answered. 

What if the Los Angeles Chargers did not take Quinton Johnston? Zay Flowers has 74 catches for 752 yards, and the player drafted one spot ahead of him and has 33 catches for 385 yards. 

The Baltimore Ravens made a good pick, and he is a good fit for this offense. He is helping take them over the edge this year.