3 offseason additions propelling Baltimore Ravens into a playoff run 

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1. Nelson Agholor was a quiet but smart addition to the Baltimore Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens added Nelson Agholor it was laughed at. It was a typical Ravens signing; he would be a name but would bring no substance. However, that was before the additions of Odell Beckham and Zay Flowers. 

When Agholor went from the prize-free agent to just another addition and went from a starter to a depth piece, he really became more valuable to this team. For a depth player, he has had a big role. He is up to a 49% snap share overall this season. 

He has handled the slot snaps for the Ravens in recent weeks. This has allowed the Ravens to keep Zay Flowers on the outside, and they have kept Rashod Bateman and Odell Beckham fresh by rotating their snaps a bit.

Agholor has blocked well, and the team even uses him to run rub routes, or routes that will draw safety attention, thus opening catches for others. Agholor is doing the dirty work. 

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Going from an under-discussed and under-appreciated player to someone who has a big impact on a potential one-seed is a good way for Agholor to get signed to an even bigger deal next year. He has been a great find in free agency.