5 offseason moves that may launch Baltimore Ravens into Super Bowl

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Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens
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4. Baltimore Ravens double down at wide receiver

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Nelson Agholor in free agency the thought was that this was so typical Ravens. Here they are with a former first-round pick who did not live up to it, and they will sell him like their big free-agency move.

However, this was not the same old Ravens, and they did not stop with just Agholor. The first splash was Odell Beckham. Beckham is 30 and coming off of a torn ACL, but at the same time when he is at the top of his game, few are better. This was a big move, but still a risk.

However, Beckham, Agholor, and Rashod Bateman may have given the Ravens a solid corps. The Ravens did not want solid, they want to win a Super Bowl, and they doubled down on the splash with Zay Flowers. With Flowers and Bateman being first-round picks, on their rookie deals, and Beckham a former first-rounder himself joining first-round pick Nelson Agholor as the veterans, this group has a lot of pedigree.

Of course, Beckham is off an injury, Agholor did not live up to his draft status, Flowrers is a rookie, and Bateman has been banged up at times. Still, if they were just relying on one or two, there would be questions. To have all four shows you how committed the Ravens were to making sure they had reliable options on the field. This is the type of move that can put a team over the top.