5 offseason moves that may launch Baltimore Ravens into Super Bowl

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Baltimore Ravens, Rock Ya-Sin
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3. Baltimore Ravens are working to get younger at cornerback

The decision to move on from Marcus Peters was tough, but it is the right decision. Peters was coming off of a serious injury in 2021, and his play was just not the same after that. When you look at his age, and the extent of the injury it Is hard to say that Peters will be back to the player that he once was.

There is a question of who the Baltimore Ravens added to replace Marcus Peters, but they took shots at younger players. Both Trayvon Mullen and Rock Ya-Sin were top 50 picks and both are younger than Peters. Mullen is 25, while Ya-Sin is 27 years old this year.

Both of them have had moments in the NFL, but neither has stuck around. Still, now the Ravens will have the competing and the one who wins has the youth to stick around for a few years. Beyond that, they did not stop adding to this group. They drafted Kyu Blu Kelly as well. When you look at Kelly, and Jalyn Armour-Davis, they have two very young players in their first two years getting ready to make the most of competing for jobs.

The thought is that between one of those four, and even someone like Daryl Worley, they can find someone who is younger and has a longer-term upside than Peters. Even based on what Peters was when we lost saw him, there is a great chance that one of these guys can be an upgrade right now.