5 offseason moves that may launch Baltimore Ravens into Super Bowl

Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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Todd Monken, Baltimore Ravens

2. Baltimore Ravens made the right move upgrading to Todd Monken

Too many fans are taking away from what Greg Roman did for this offense when they talk about the upgrade to Todd Monken. For the first few years of his career, there may not have been a better coordinator for Lamar Jackson than Greg Roman.

However, everywhere Roman goes you usually see a one or two-year boom, and then the inability to draw up counters off of that. It happens at every stop. So, seeing it happen in Baltimore is no shock.

Essentially, Lamar Jackson grew out of his shoes, and Roman kept trying to push the shoes on his feet, seeing that he was a size or two too big. Now, Todd Monken will come in to push this offense to the next level.

Two things stand out when you watch Monken. First, he is going to push the ball down the field a lot more. Second, he is very multiple in his looks. He will run with heavy wideouts, and he will pack the tight ends and fullbacks in to throw long. This is exactly what the Baltimore Ravens needed.

Roman got them to a point where they can compete for playoffs. With Monken, he may give them the added spark that takes them from playoff contenders to Super Bowl contenders just like that.