3 overrated Baltimore Ravens players entering 2023

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Odell Beckham, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Odell Beckham is the Baltimore Ravens fourth receiving option

The name Odell Beckham is big-time, and fans still love the guy for what he was. Even when he played for the Rams, he dominated the Super Bowl before his ACL injury. Beyond that, the Ravens paid him like they expected him to be the man. So, it is easy to get caught up in what Odell Beckham can be without remembering what he is.

However, what he is is a 31-year-old coming off an ACL injury. Not many receivers keep their careers at a high level at that age, even with full health, so adding the injury makes it seem like he cannot get back to his old ways. The Ravens paid him big, but they structured it in a way that helps their current cap, and they also used his deal to help get Lamar Jackson at a few million cheaper than his initial demands.

When you look at the Baltimore Ravens depth chart, it is obvious that Mark Andrews remains the man. Lamar Jackson said that Rashod Bateman is still the first guy he will look to. So, there is the older Odell Beckham and the younger Zay Flowers, who was a first-round pick. Maybe Beckham will be ahead of him in week one or two, but the plan is for Flowers and Bateman to be the top targeted wideouts. They are the future, after all.

So, Odell Beckham is a big name, but he will be behind Andrews, Bateman, and Flowers in the pecking order. It is hard for him not to be overrated.