Patrick Queen torches Bengals player with a hilarious and factual statement

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

Following Thursday's matchup ending in a Ravens (8-3) solid 34-20 win against the lowly Bengals (5-5), tempers flared (to an extent) on the social media platform now known as X (formerly as Twitter) between Baltimore's linebacker Patrick Queen and Cincinnati's linebacker Germaine Pratt, sparked by comments from FS1 host Skip Bayless.

Pratt initially replied to a message sent by Bayless in which the pundit stated "Lamar Jackson now has weapons he never had before. He's a flat out stud. Odell is looking like Odell," something that didn't sit well with the irritated Bengals defender.

The Jungle inhabitant replied by writing "Yeah only looked good bc 9 got hurt," suggesting the Ravens only looked good due to Joe Burrow's injury, which was... well, to each his own I guess.

Queen fired back, highlighting the Bengals' defensive struggles, emphasizing they got "cooked" regardless of the circumstances. Pratt might not have realized that Burrow, who indeed belongs to the Bengals and left the game after the halftime break, plays an offensive position that has nothing to do with the defense and how they perform.

In response, Pratt insinuated Queen was pleased about Burrow's injury because the Ravens were targeting him. Perhaps, Pratt had not realized that the actual human-injury machine was sitting on Cincy's side, as Logan Wilson went on to injure three Ravens including one, Mark Andrews, to a season-ending injury.

At the end of the day, however, the Bengals couldn't even get close to stopping Baltimore and ended up eating 34 pops on a day in which they broke season-high marks for points allowed to an opponent courtesy of a mediocre outing by Pratt & Co., as well as giving up 400+ yards for the third time in four weeks.

Next. Justin Madubuike is on pace to destroy all Ravens sack records. Justin Madubuike is on pace to destroy all Ravens sack records. dark

The good news for Pratt and his fellow Bengals? Cincinnati is literally cooked without Joe Burrow and they can start planning for 2024 early as they have nothing to play for this season anymore.

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