Is this performance a concern for the Baltimore Ravens going forward?

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The Baltimore Ravens dominated the Houston Texans in a game that took a full team effort. While it is hard to pick out the bad performances in this game, one player definitely struggled, and that was right guard Kevin Zeitler

Should the Baltimore Ravens be concerned about Kevin Zeitler in the playoffs?

Zeitler allowed a sack and a few other bad pressures this week. He also did not look his best in the run game. This is a bit surprising because Zeitler has had one of his best seasons. However, he is at the age where this could have been expected. 

Zeitelr started the season rusty, and the first three games of the year were the worst of his season. He shook off the rust and played better, but an injury against the 49ers had him sitting weeks 17 and 18. When you add in the bye week, he missed three straight weeks. In his first game back, it was his worst pass blocking grade since week three, according to PFF.

Now, the question is whether Zeitler was rusty or whether he was still banged up. If it is rust, he could be back to his great playing ways by next week. If he is injured, they have to think about sitting him. The Ravens pulled him for Ben Cleveland late in the game, and it may have been a combination of rest and injury. The team realizes that he is not quite 100% right now, and his first game back from the injury did not go as well as expected.

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Do the Baltimore Ravens trust Zeitler, or will they have a short leash, knowing that Cleveland played two straight solid games to close out the season? Zeitler just won his first playoff game and is looking to close his career with a Super Bowl. Can he muster enough for the next two weeks to make the Ravens feel comfortable?