3 Pittsburgh Steelers who can ruin the Baltimore Ravens day

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, George Pickens
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1. Can the Baltimore Ravens shut down George Pickens?

This one looks pretty cut and dry. When George Pickens has over 50 yards, the Steelers are 2-0. When he has under 50 yards, they are 0-2. Contain George Pickens and win the game. Pickens has eight catches for 61 yards on 14 targets in the two losses compared to 202 yards on eight catches and 16 targets in the wins.

He gets targeted regardless, it is about what he does with them. When he does big things, the Steelers win. Pickens feels like a Hines Ward type who will be in this rivalry for years to come. He put up 78 yards in week 13, but only 29 the second time he met the Ravens. Either way, it does not feel like he has been properly introduced to the rivalry yet. Something tells me that he will make a statement in some way this week.

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Will it be a big play, or will it be frustration from a bad day at the office? The Ravens may be getting Marlon Humphrey back this week, and if that is the case, he has to follow Pickens. If not, Pickens will see a lot of Brandon Stephens, and Stephens will not be afraid to get physical with him. The question is, who would win that matchup? This specific duel could decide the entire game.