5 star players the Baltimore Ravens could’ve drafted in past five years

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Alex Highsmith, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Baltimore Ravens drafted Malik Harrison over Alex Highsmith

This one resembles the Cincinnati Bengals, where we see that the Baltimore Ravens had a chance to take a budding star away from the Pittsburgh Steelers and add him to their roster. Alex Highsmith went from two sacks to six, and then 14.5 last season. He is probably closer to an eight-sack player and was helped by playing with T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward. Still, that is a great addition and a huge third rusher for the Steelers.

He could have been on the Baltimore Ravens. They took Malik Harrison 98th, and the Steelers took Highsmith 102nd. The teams always seem to eye similar players, so it hurts to see that this could have been a strong snag in the mid-rounds by the Ravens.

Malik Harrison was a fine pick, and he has served a role, but the pick was a bit of a luxury and did not fill a need. The team must have had him graded much higher than Alex Highsmith. Now, the Ravens are trying to get Harrison in there at the SAM and on the edge because they need help there.