These 4 players are causing the biggest Baltimore Ravens salary cap hits in 2023

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The Baltimore Ravens managed to get $12M under the salary cap despite extending Lamar Jackson and giving big money to Odell Beckham. To be fair, they will pay for both decisions more in the future, and they also lost a few big names such as Calais Campell and Marcus Peters.

Baltimore Ravens four biggest salary cap hits in 2023

The Baltimore Ravens currently have four players who take up more than 6% of the salary cap. These are the biggest cap hits in 2023.

1. Ronnie Stanley $23.7M

This season will be much bigger for Ronnie Stanley than others. At first, his extension looked like a no-brainer, but he has hardly been able to stay upright since the pandemic season. Last year was the healthiest he had been in a while, and now he should be ready for his best play in 2023. His cap hits go up over $26M in the next two seasons, and it will be hard for the Ravens to move on, so they better hope things go well.

2. Lamar Jackson $22M

There will be a day when the Lamar Jackson contract starts to become a problem, but that is not this day. in fact, the team actually lowered the cap hit from the franchise tag that they recently had on Jackson. They saved over $11M in cap space by extending Jackson to a huge deal.

To be fair, in 2026 and 2027 his cap hit will be over $74M. Needless to say, a new deal or a restructuring will be on the table after the 2025 season.

3. Marlon Humphrey $20M

This is the top cap hit amongst cornerbacks in the NFL. To be fair, it can be justified. The Baltimore Ravens have Humphrey signed for the next two seasons after this as well. His cap hit jumps to $21M next year, and then $23.2 the following season.

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4. Mark Andrews $13.7M

This cap hit would have him fourth amongst tight ends as well. He is behind Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Hunter Henry. One name does not look like the others, but the name that hit an open market got paid like other teams had chances to bid. Mark Andrews is signed for two seasons after this. His cap hit goes up to $16.9 in each of the last two seasons.