4 plays that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Indianapolis Colts into a loss

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The Baltimore Ravens lost a game to the Indianapolis Colts, where fans, media, and the Ravens players had to feel like the game was won many times over. How did the Ravens watch this game slip out of their hands, and what were the plays that flipped this game?

4. Kenyan Drake fumbled and cost the Baltimore Ravens momentum

The Baltimore Ravens led 7-0 after their first drive of the game. They were moving the football at will on their first drive, and after another defensive stop, the Ravens had a chance to put it on the Colts. Gus Edwards picked up nine yards, and then Lamar Jackson hit Mark Andrews for a big 20-yard first down.

When Kenyan Drake busted open a 24-yard run, it was looking like the team would score 30 points or more in this game. However, the end of the run changed the game. Drake fumbled at the Colts' 46-yard line, losing the ball after Juju Brents recovered it.

While the Ravens were not quite in scoring range yet, they did pick up 53 yards over three plays after leading a touchdown drive the previous time they took the field. It was easy to assume that this drive was going to end in points. From there, life just started to get difficult. That probably would have been the outcome regardless, but it is hard not to think of how easy things were going right up until that fumble, and how after the fumble things started to get much harder for the offense.

This was the play that took away the Ravens' chance to open a two-score lead and put their mark on the game.