4 plays that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Indianapolis Colts into a loss

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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2. A Lamar Jackson fumble gave the Indianapolis Colts points

The very first play after the Ravens allowed a touchdown to tie the game, the team once again gave up points. Lamar Jackson dropped back to pass, but Taven Bryan pushed Kevin Zeitler back into the lap of the quarterback.

Jackson tried to avoid the pressure but he was too careless with the football and was still trying to get the ball out and down the field. He was not protecting, and the ball was knocked loose. Kwity Paye recovered.

The Ravens' defense held up, but the drive started inside the red zone for the Colts. So, even with the defense hardly bending, three points were scored. Just like that the score went from 7-0 Ravens to 10-7 Colts. It took the Ravens a while to earn that lead back, and it was not long after the Ravens were a few plays away from cracking open a two-score lead. It shows you how these games can change one or two swings every week.

For the Ravens, there also have to be concerns about Zeitler and Jackson. Jackson has already lost a few fumbles this year, and he almost lost another in this game. For Zeitler, this is a down year, and there is no other way to view it. Can he get his play back on track, or do the Ravens have to worry about him against guys like Taven Bryan?