4 plays that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Indianapolis Colts into a loss

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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. Lamar Jackson took a sack at the worst time for the Baltimore Ravens

This was one of the most costly moments of the game. The Baltimore Ravens fought and clawed and somehow found a 19-16 lead. Unfortunately, the Colts tied it up with just over one minute to go. Still, the Ravens had plenty of time and just needed a field goal. Things started well.

With 23 seconds, the Ravens go to about midfield, right at the 49-yard line. They had a first down, and Lamar Jackson rolled to his left. However, he was chased down from behind, and before he could throw the ball away, he took a 10-yard sack from Kwity Paye. This pushed them back to the 39.

Lamar Jackson was able to complete a key pass to Nelson Agholor on third down, and it set up a 61-yard field goal. Justin Tucker had a chance to make it, and maybe you can say that the miss itself is a game-changing play. Still, the kick missed by a yard or two, and Jackson took a ten-yard sack. Even as he was making up the yards, he could not pick up enough to make the kick under 60 yards for his kicker.

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The Ravens saw a scoring drive end because of a Jackson sack, and a Drake fumble killed all momentum as the team moved up and down the field. Another Jackson led to a Colts field goal, and an improbable Minshew touchdown pass turned a field goal attempt into an extra point attempt. When you add up the lost points by the Ravens and gained points by the Colts, these decide the entire game.

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