5 pleasant surprises for the Baltimore Ravens halfway through 2023

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Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens, Kyle Hamilton
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2. Kyle Hamilton is becoming a star for the Baltimore Ravens

Everyone figured that Kyle Hamilton would take that step into being a leader on this defense, and one of the better players. He was drafted in the top 15 and most people thought he fell too far when he did. Stil, the rise that he has taken has been pleseant to say the least. Hamilton is playing his best football right now. What is impressive is that the more that is being asked of him is bringing out the best from him.

Hamilton has been asked to play the slot when the team was thin in the slot and he ha sbeen asked to play his traditional rolea sthe deep safety when that is called for as well. On Sunday, with Daryl Worley back the Ravens used Worley at safety for 22 snaps and Arthur Maulet in the slot for 21 snaps. When Worley played, it was Hamilton in the slot and when Maulet played, it was Hamilton back deep. It was one of th ebest games of his career.

Geno Stone is getting all of the attention because of the interceptions, and deservedly so. However, Hamilton being so versatile down in the box allows Mike MacDonald to call the plays that set Stone up for these interceptions. The unit is excelling thanks to Kyle Hamilton.