5 pleasant surprises for Baltimore Ravens after quarter mark of 2023 season

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens, Justin Madubuike
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2. The Baltimore Ravens are seeing Justin Madubuike earn a big contract

This may not be the biggest surprise, but it is pleasant. Some things were pointing to Justin Madubuike breaking out, but it definitely was not locked in. First, he had watched his production rise every year. Now, he is in the midst of a contract year.

The Baltimore Ravens let him leave this offseason without a deal and he will enter free agency this spring. Knowing the Ravens' cap space, there is a good chance he will find a contract elsewhere. To the highest bidder for Madubuike.

So, he knows a lot of money is at stake if he enters a free agent marker. He has already been improving, so why not a big jump up? His career high is 5.5 sacks, and he currently has 2.5. He has been a lot more productive in both the pass and the run game, and he is taking on more of the work, going from a 60% snap player in 2022 to playing 69% of the snaps this year.

Being able to take on more work and produce more with it is a sign of a good player. This is good for the Baltimore Ravens to see.