5 must-watch positions in Baltimore Ravens preseason finale

The defensive side of the ball and one key area on offense are the most important areas to watch when the Ravens kick off their preseason finale
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Josh Ross, Baltimore Ravens
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1. How will the Baltimore Ravens linebackers perform?

This is a big week for the Baltimore Ravens linebackers. We know that Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen will not play much, if at all, and they do not need to. The Ravens need to see the other anyway.

Malik Harrison and Del'Shawn Phillips should have jobs locked down. The only thing we will watch from them is how long they will play when we want to see the others. The key to this game is depth. Josh Ross and Trenton Simpson should be the next two off of the bench, and they should be the two that play nearly the whole game.

Ross is a UDFA in year two. He made the roster last year; an injury took him down, and now he is fighting an uphill battle to make it back on the team. Simpson will make the team, as he is a rookie draft pick selected on day two.

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Still, he missed the first preseason game, and even in college, he was more of a hybrid than a positional player. He struggled in his preseason debut, which could have been expected. Still, if the Ravens want to trust him to move into the role of Patrick Queen next season, they need to see him show some progress in the limited repetitions he will get. It would be huge to see growth from Trenton Simpson this weekend. He is the most important player to watch.

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