3 positions with plenty of questions on the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens defense is bringing all of the positions of questions this offseason
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The Baltimore Ravens having injuries and shuffling up and down the depth chart has become a common theme on the team. While it had been on the offense in recent years, and the injury status of J.K. Dobbins and Rashod Bateman had the vibe that it could be the same in 2023, the defense has actually taken over as the side of the ball with issues.

Which positions have the biggest questions and where to the Ravens stand right now?

3. Baltimore Ravens cornerback room is a mess

The Baltimore Ravens entered training camp with questions at cornerback, and things have gotten nothing but worse since then. The thought was at least one stable force was in the mix with Marlon Humphrey. He will be back at some point, but his week one status is in doubt.

Rock Ya-Sin is expected to be back soon, but he may not play in preseason week two due to injury. Pepe Williams appears to have had a more serious injury because there has not been a timetable for him. So, the top three guys are out.

This should have opened the door for Jalyn Armour-Davis and Arthur Maulet, but nagging injuries have kept them down. Armour-Davis just returned, but who knows how much work he can get in preseason week two.

The Ravens finally signed Rondald Darby, and now he is in a race to get up to speed. The hope is that Darby and Ya-Sin can start week one, but this preseason game will probably not see either.

So, it leaves the team with Brandon Stephens, Kavon Seymour, and Ar'Darius Washington starting. The depth is Kyu Blu Kelly, and Corey Mayfield Jr., and with Jordan Swann missing time, they had to sign Tae Hayes to be the backup in the slot.

It will look better than that at some point, but those six cornerbacks being all that may play in preseason week two is rough. The Baltimore Ravens would love to get Armour-Davis some of the snaps that Seymour took last week, but he needs to get healthy. The team also should try to get Kelly on the field earlier than last week, although that may tell us what they think about him.