3 positions with plenty of questions on the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens defense is bringing all of the positions of questions this offseason
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Daryl Worley, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Baltimore Ravens have moving pieces at safety

The Baltimore Ravens safety room is not as bad as the cornerbacks, mainly because of the starters at the top. Marcus Williams and Kyle Hamilton are pretty much set and locked into their spots. There are questions when it comes to the depth, though. Brandon Stephens and Ar'Darius Washington went from depth safeties to starting cornerbacks.

Geno Stone has been injured, but it appears that he is going to return. He may get back just in time to play in the second preseason game. That would be nice because Williams and Hamilton are probably best served sitting again.

So, Stone can start with Daryl Worley, who was the star of the first preseason game. The Baltimore Ravens can also mix in DeAndre Houston-Carson, who they just signed but served as a dime safety in the Chicago Bears defense last year. He would be comfortable in that role, and it may give us a glimpse on how they use that role and if they can use the dime safety rather than the nickel cornerback at times.

Jaquan Amos is injured, so the starting duo should be Geno Stone, and Daryl Worley followed by Jeremy Lucien working with DHC as the backups.