3 positions with a starting job on the line at Baltimore Ravens training camp

2 defensive positions, and a starting spot on the offensive line can be won this summer
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The Baltimore Ravens will have plenty of things to decipher as they hit training camp. One of the big things will be who is starting at certain positions. The Ravens are a team that will let competition sort things out, so while things may be set for now, they can change aggressively in the coming weeks, especially when the pads come on.

What are three positions where the Baltimore Ravens could see someone win a starting spot this summer?

3. Who will start at left guard for the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens have announced that the starting left guard job will be a competition. They also prepared us in OTAs that it may be Sala Aumavae-Laulu who wins the starting job. He is a rookie who was drafted late on day three, so winning a starting job is impressive, especially considering he is in the mix this early.

However, that may speak to Ben Cleveland if anything. The team has been looking for Cleveland to take that step and become a better player, but it is just not happening the way that they want. So far, you could argue he is the third-string left guard and the least likely to start.

Typically, Aumavae-Laulu will be lined up with the starters, and John Simpson is the backup on the left side, with Cleveland on the right side. The fact that Cleveland is not even working on that side with the second team, and Simpson is getting that work tells you everything you need to know.

Still, between SAL, Simpson, and Cleveland, you could see performances over the next six weeks sway who starts and who sits.