3 positions with a starting job on the line at Baltimore Ravens training camp

2 defensive positions, and a starting spot on the offensive line can be won this summer
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Arthur Maulet, Baltimore Ravens
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2. What is the Baltimore Ravens plan for the slot?

The Baltimore Ravens need to make up a plan in the slot this season. They have multiple options and different paths to find the right person for them. First, they have Pepe Williams, Arthur Maulet, and Ar'Darius Washington competing for the spot.

Williams is probably the leader, but he just came off the PUP this week. Maulet was signed because Williams could not play, and he has had chances to start in the slot so far. Then, there is Washington, who is a UDFA in his third NFL season. He has not made the jump yet.

Still, even if the Ravens do not want a traditional slot, they can mix in some of their safeties. Kyle Hamilton did that last season and was the primary slot. Even though he starts at safety, do they add a third safety and mix Hamilton into the box? Is Brandon Stephens the third safety, and does he get a serious look at slot snaps?

We already named five potential guys, and none of them included outside players like Jalyn Armour-Davis, Kyu Blu Kelly, or Daryl Worley shifting inside. There is even a chance that those three stay outside, and Marlon Humphrey shifts inside.

They have so many choices and paths that could get them a starter, but they have not decided what is going to get them there yet.