3 positive takeaways from the Baltimore Ravens close win over the Los Angeles Rams

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The Baltimore Ravens won a game that they very easily could have lost. The team did not play up to their standards, and some fans are wondering if this team really can make that run to the Super Bowl. While this win is not the game that has fans booking their tickets, it should still have them excited. 

3. Lamar Jackson played like an MVP for the Baltimore Ravens 

While the Baltimore Ravens defense has been carrying things this season, they still have an MVP candidate at quarterback in Lamar Jackson. Jackson has been good this year but not quite up to MVP caliber. On Sunday, they needed him to be that elite player, and he was. Jackson had 316 yards passing and three touchdowns in this game. That was the best game from a yardage and touchdown stand point.

Jackson had a 54-yard bomb to Isaiah Likely and a 46-yard bomb to Odell Beckham for touchdowns. It was the first time he ever had two touchdowns over 40 yards in the air. His third touchdown came on third and long in the red zone with the game on the line. He delivered a dart to Zay Flowers for the go-ahead score. It was one of the most clutch plays of the season to date.

All three touchdowns came when the team was trailing, and he took the lead back. He was clutch in the moments they needed him the most. 

More than his best passing day of the year, it was his best-rushing game since week three. Jackson had 70 rushing yards in the win. A lot of those were scrambles to move the sticks, and plenty came on third down. He did everything he could to will his team to victory.

There were games this year that the defense needed to pick up Jackson and the offense. Now, the defense needed him, and he delivered. That is team football, and that is what wins in the playoffs.