3 positive takeaways from the Baltimore Ravens close win over the Los Angeles Rams

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1. The Baltimore Ravens got help from all phases

The Baltimore Ravens' special teams have been a disappointment this year. Considering the background of John Harbaugh and the years of reputation this special teams unit has, this has been a developing story. On Sunday, the team got help from all units. 

Jordan Stout had a great day punting. He had two punts pinned inside the ten and had a solid safety kick. Justin Tucker is having a down year, but was a nail when the team needed him in the rain. He drilled three field goals. Of course, the real game-changer on special teams was Tylan Wallace. The punt return to win the game, and he was only in the game because Devin Duvernay went down. Still, that is the value of having so much depth and potential contributors on special teams. 

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The Ravens are going to need efforts where they get all three phases involved more often. They saw that on Sunday. It was not pretty, but it was a team win, and those are the only wins that matter.