2 positives, 2 negatives from Zay Flowers performance in Baltimore Ravens win

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The Baltimore Ravens win over the Los Angeles Chargers was textbook Ravens. Lamar Jackson got them the lead, and the defense put the game away. However, this was more than a typical game due to the breakout performance by Zay Flowers on a national stage. What did the rookie do to get attention, and what are some negative areas he can still improve upon?

Positive 1: Zay Flowers had a career day for the Baltimore Ravens 

First, this game was what they envisioned when they drafted Zay Flowers. Flowers finished the game with just five catches for 25 yards, but he added a receiving touchdown. It was a quick pass, but it was big because he beat his man, and he has not been producing against man coverage in recent weeks. 

Zay Flowers capped the game off with a 37-yard rushing touchdown as well. It was his first rushing touchdown and his first two-touchdown game. Considering he entered the game with just one touchdown, the two he scored on Sunday doubled his total for the year. 

Flowers has been the leading receiver, but it has not led to the endzone. Finally, Flowers was able to deliver in the end zone. This is big for Flowers because he was in the national spotlight, and you know that fantasy football managers are invested in his performance. The touchdowns gave him his best game yet. The rookie is going to start to get some real fanfare after this game. 

Flowers had an impact in the passing game and running game. He had two touchdowns and ripped off an explosive play. These are the things the Ravens needed to see when they drafted him.