2 positives, 2 negatives from Zay Flowers performance in Baltimore Ravens win

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flowers
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Negative 1: Zay Flowers had talks with Baltimore Ravens coaches after both touchdowns 

Zay Flowers had two touchdowns, which is great. However, in both of them, he had a bit of a rookie moment. In the first one, he had a touchdown celebration where he tossed a bouquet. However, it was a long, drawn-out celebration, and the teammates did not know what to do. It was unplanned, and the team was late to leave the field. The next thing you know is that the Ravens had a delay of game. 

On the second touchdown, Flowers had the option to go down before scoring. It is a more selfless play, but it is the smart one. If he goes down, the Ravens just kneel out the clock and the game is over. Because he scored, the defense had to go back out on the field. 

Kyle Hamilton noted that he and his teammates thought that they did enough and that the offense could kill the clock from there. They did not need the extra wear and tear. 

Beyond that, there was now the off-chance that the Chargers did score, got the ball back, and had a chance to tie or win. That chance is small already but would have been completely removed if Flowers just went down.

You can see after the touchdown that one of the coaches is letting him know what the veteran move would be.