4 potential surprise cuts on the Baltimore Ravens initial 53-man roster

A couple of veteran draft picks, a rookie draft pick, and a known veteran may highlight the Baltimore Ravens cuts this year
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Tylan Wallace, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Did Tylan Wallace do enough to make the Baltimore Ravens roster?

About a month ago it would not be a huge shock if the Baltimore Ravens moved on from Tylan Wallace. The third-year player has not lived up to expectations and he is now entering a much deeper depth chart than the past two years.

However, his play recently has made him a lock in the eyes of many fans. He has two touchdowns in the preseason, and he has played four phases of special teams, including return game work. That should be enough, but 'should' is doing a lot of work there.

Wallace is still not a lock for the roster when you factor in all of the names above him. There are five wide receivers who are locked into roster spots. Unless they trade Devin Duvernay, you cannot make the case for Nelson Agholor, Rashod Bateman, Odell Beckham, and Zay Flowers being off of the roster.

So, Wallace beat out Laquon Treadwell and James Proche for the sixth receiver spot, but is that even a spot? The Ravens will only keep a sixth if the rest of the numbers on the roster add up. If they feel the squeeze and need extra cornerbacks, it could be Wallace on the roster edge. If the offensive line needs more depth, it is Wallace right there. That is the issue about being number 53 on the 53-man. Yes, you are inside, but anything can change that in the next couple of days.