4 potential surprise cuts on the Baltimore Ravens initial 53-man roster

A couple of veteran draft picks, a rookie draft pick, and a known veteran may highlight the Baltimore Ravens cuts this year
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Melvin Gordon, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Melvin Gordon is a known name that the Baltimore Ravens will cut soon

The hardcore Baltimore Ravens fans are looking at this like this is no surprise whatsoever. However, the fantasy football players and casual fans will see the name Melvin Gordon scroll across the waiver wire as a release, and it will be surprising to some.

Melvin Gordon is a former first-round pick, and he had a solid career. However, that career is winding down. Denver cut him late in 2022 and stuck on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad, being there for a Super Bowl run.

So, after he finished 2022 on the practice squad, it may be no shock that 2023 ends with him there as well. Gordon was beaten out fair and square by Keaton Mitchell. Mitchell is more explosive, and if the Ravens released him, teams would claim him much faster than they would call Melvin Gordon to sign him.

When you look at the roster, even Mitchell is not a lock. Justice Hill has run hard all preseason, and J.K. Dobbins joins Gus Edwards as the lead duo. So, three backs plus a full back are on the roster before Mitchell, and Gordon is behind Mitchell. Gordon lacks the juice, and this may be one of his last stops. Do not be surprised if not only gets cut but also ends up on the practice squad.