4 potential surprise cuts on the Baltimore Ravens initial 53-man roster

A couple of veteran draft picks, a rookie draft pick, and a known veteran may highlight the Baltimore Ravens cuts this year
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Kyu Blu Kelly, Baltimore Ravens
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1. The Baltimore Ravens have to move off this draft pick

The only reason it is even a debate whether the Baltimore Ravens cut Kyu Blu Kelly or not is his draft status. If you stripped away the idea that he is a fifth-round rookie, he would have no business making the roster. Kelly has been poor all preseason, and the coaches knew it because they had him deep down the depth chart.

When you look at the numbers, there is just no room for him. Ronald Darby and Rock Ya-Sin are projected to start, and Marlon Humphrey is going to be back soon. Ar'Darius Washington has to start in the slot, and when you add in Brandon Stephens, you get to five.

Then, there is Jalyn Armour-Davis and Kevon Seymour. Seymour has started over Kelly and outperformed him in the first two games. He did not play in the third, but Armour-Davis did, and Armour-Davis was much better than Kelly in this game as well. Kelly was splitting time with Tae Hayes, who not only was better in this game but was the better cornerback all preseason.

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So, when looking at the sixth cornerback spot only, you can argue that Kelly is fourth in the running. That does not even mention Arthur Maulet and Pepe Williams, who may make the roster if they can get healthy. Kelly was so poor this preseason that no one will claim him, and he will make the practice squad. Do not be shocked when the fifth-round rookie gets cut.

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