Power Ranking all Offensive position groups of the Baltimore Ravens

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J.K. Dobbins
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4. Running Backs

Leading the charge as RB1 is a healthy J.K. Dobbins, whose return to the team after a brief absence during training camp has been eagerly anticipated. Dobbins' undisputed talent places him at the forefront, though concerns about his availability due to past injuries persist and that's what did it for me when it came to rank the unit outside of the top three.

Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, holding the RB2 and RB3 positions, respectively, maintain their roles in the Ravens' backfield and shape a hella solid backfield. The Ravens have built their recent seasons around their backfield and it has worked more than it has not, so the talent is undeniable.

Adding depth to the lineup is the surprise inclusion of UDFA Keaton Mitchell, who secured the final roster spot surpassing veteran Melvin Gordon III (rostered in the practice squad).

If Dobbins is available for the full season, though, this unit and the tight ends (mostly, Mark Andrews) could end up flipping positions in the power rankings of the Ravens' offense.